Wood-burning hot tube in the kit

ЧАН на дровах у комплекті

PRICE 99 000 UAN


A wood-burning hot tub allows you to enjoy a hot bath in the open air, regardless of weather conditions throughout the whole year. Using it creates an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, helps relieve stress and tension.

The wood-burning  stove allows you to adjust the water temperature. It is possible to take both hot and cool baths, which is especially valuable during change temperature fluctuations.

Recreation centers which have wood-fired vats become attractive places for recreation.

Bathing in the hot vat is a social activity that brings family and friends together.


Container: 1500 L

Gross weingt: 380 kg


Bowl of vat: fiberglass reinforced

Frame, steps: wood (pine)

Stove: stainless steel

Number of people: 4-6 persons

Height of bath: 0,9 m

Depth of bath: 0,86 m

Heating time: 15ᴼC in 1 hour


  1. Bath in the kit (1 pc. d = 2 m, h = 0,9 m). Color – lingt blue.
  2. Cover (1 pc. d = 2,10 m). Color – lingt blue.
  3. Burning stove (1 pc. 0,43×0,5 m, h = 0,5 m). Color – black.
  4. Stainless steel tube (2 pc. h = 1 m). Color – stainless.
  5. Protective casing on the chimney (1 pc. h = 1 m). Color – stainless.
  6. Clips, crane, collars - in the kit.
  7. Wooden frame with floor (1 pc. 2 × 3 m, h = 2,2 m). Color – teak.
  8. Wooden steps (1 pc. 0,56 × 0,5 m, h = 0,5 m). Color – teak.
  9. Hanging drawer (1 pc. 0,25×0,2 m, h =0,25 m). Color – teak.
  10. Paving stone (16 pc.) Color – gray.

Іnstallation instructions

  1. Remove the packaging film from the components. Take out protective clamps and faucet from the stove.
  2. Install the vat and wood-burning stove on the frame´s floor.
  3. Connect the hose to the stove (with a 10 key), fasten it with clamps (turns and bends of the hoses are undesirable).
  4. Install chimneys on the stove, fasten them with clamps.
  5. Fasten the protective casing to the chimney with clamps cut in the casing.
  6. Attach the drain tap on the stove. If necessary, use a waterproofing film.
  7. Rinse the vat with water and drain through the tap located on the vat.


  1. Pour water into the vat to cover the top water intake hole. Cover the vat with a cover.
  2. Light the stove with firewood. The length of firewood for the stove is no more than 35 cm.

*** The vat is a monolithic product, so leaks are completely excluded.

*** It is forbidden to light the stove when the vat is not filled with water.

*** The heating time the water to a temperature of 36-37ᴼС is 2-3 hours.

*** To prevent contamination of the system, we recommend brewing the collection of herbs in separate dishes or special bags.

  1. At the end of the proceduring, it is possible to drain the water through two holes (the faucet near the stove or the faucet on the side of the font).

*** In winter time, it is necessary to control the water drain from the stove to prevent the water from freezing.

Possibilitis malfunctions

If you hear pops during heating the stove, you need to check:

- correct installation of the stove according to the level in relation to the vat;

- absence of bends on the hoses to the stove;

- tightening of clamps on flexible pipes.